On April 22, 2002 Bob Hoefner, Don Fulmer and I toured the Bahamas in my Cessna 172. Here are some photographs of our journey. The first set of pictures below were taken in Marsh Harbour.

That's Eugene and the folks at Sabrina's on Long Island in the South Bahamas below.

At Moore's Island our friend Reno told us we were the first tourists he'd seen in a long time. Moore's Island is very isolated. Reno took us on a tour of the caves on the island.

The views from the air are beautiful. I love the color of the water and the quality of reefs in the Bahamas.

Cessna N1615E took us hundreds of miles over the Atlantic. Our first day we found time to hang out in Marsh Harbour and snorkel at mermaid beach.

Marsh Harbour is a great place to visit.