Your "Final Hearing" In A Divorce Case --
What To Say And How To Act

1. Dress appropriately. You should dress with clothes that reflect your position in society. Generally, for example, a blue collar worker would look fine wearing an open-collared dress shirt. A professional could wear a dress shirt and a tie or a dress suit and a jacket if they prefer. Do not overdress. Be clean and don't ever drink alcohol before you go to court!

2. Be polite and listen when the judge is talking. Never interrupt a judge.

3. Let your lawyer ask the questions. There is no need to be nervous and there is no need to guess what the lawyer is trying to ask. Just answer the questions posed and nothing more.

4. Direct your eye contact to the judge when you answer each question. Be friendly and smile but don't exaggerate.

5. Sit calmly and don't move. Put your hands at your sides or on the armrest of the chair.

6. Do not speak to the lawyer while the lawyer is speaking to the judge or asking questions of others. If you want to communicate with your lawyer, write a note and pass it to your attorney at an appropriate time in the hearing.

7. When the time comes for you to present your Florida driver's license to prove that you have been a resident for more than six months before the petition was filed, hand the license to your lawyer. He will hand it to the judge.

8. If you use a witness instead of a driver's license to prove you have been a resident for more than six months, let your witness read this list and tell them to follow it too.

9. Be on time. Don't ever make a lawyer or the court to wait for you to show up for a hearing. It may be a long time before you can get another hearing date.

10. Generally, a lawyer will ask you the following questions in an uncontested divorce hearing:

  • What is your name?
  • How long have you been a resident of Florida?
  • Is your marriage broken? If so, why?
  • Did you sign an agreement to say who gets custody and property?
  • Do you believe the agreement is fair?
  • Can you identify the signatures on the agreement?
  • Do you have a Florida driver's license? When was it issued?
  • Do you want to be divorced
  • Do you ant your maiden name back (for women)?

11. The typical uncontested divorce hearing should not last more than five minutes.

12. If you have any questions before the hearing, definitely call your lawyer and ask him or her all of your questions in advance of the hearing.

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